The Chapman Guitars “Heart of Fire” Competition – Judged by Misha Mansoor and Eddie Kramer

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The Chapman Guitars “Heart of Fire” Competition Chapman Guitars celebrates its two year anniversary – launches competition to win endorsement deal & two guitars. 2nd September 2011 for immediate release Chapman Guitars is a growing guitar company founded by YouTube guitarist & educator Rob Chapman. It is based on the principle of having Rob’s fans collaboratively design guitar models with him through a series of polls conducted on the Chapman Guitars website. To celebrate two years of running, culminating in over 30,000 subscribers on YouTube, Rob is launching a competition that is open to anybody, of any age, anywhere in the world. The winner of the competition will receive a full endorsement with Chapman Guitars; a one-off SveeArt custom Chapman Guitars ML-1 “Heart of Fire”; a Chapman Guitars ML-2 Standard and a bag of Chapman Guitars accessories (including picks, strings and a hand-made leather strap). In order to help Rob find the best of the best, he has turned to two of his friends and top producers in the industry: Eddie Kramer and Misha Mansoor. Rather than judge solely on guitar prowess, Rob, Eddie and Misha will be judging the competition together, looking for guitarists with passion and personality in their performance. The competition launches on September the 2nd, and will run for two months. The backing track for this competition is available from here: Many thanks to Svee at for his amazing work on the Chapman Guitars ML-1 “Heart of Fire” Good luck! Rob Chapman, Eddie Kramer, Misha Mansoor and the Chapman Guitars team