The Black Crowes – Soul Singing (original video)

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The Black Crowes est un groupe de rock américain fondé en 1989 à Atlanta, en Georgie.
Leur rock sudiste est très fortement influencé par des pionniers tels que The Allman Brothers Band et Lynyrd Skynyrd, mais aussi largement ancré dans la musique des Faces, de groupes des années 1960-1970 tels que les Rolling Stones (période Mick Taylor) ou bien encore Led Zeppelin. Leurs influences se dirigent aussi vers les The Velvet Underground dont ils feront quelques reprises comme celle de la chanson Oh! Sweet Nuthin, mais qui se rapprochera malgré tout encore une fois du style sudiste.
“Soul Singing” is a song by the American rock band The Black Crowes, released on July 23, 2001, as the second single from the group’s sixth studio album Lions.
“Soul Singing” was co-written, like all original Black Crowes songs, by Chris and Rich Robinson. The song began with a riff that Rich had written a “long time” before the recording of Lions. Chris then added the vocal melodies and corresponding lyrics, which pertained to his then-wife, Kate Hudson.While Chris believed this early form of “Soul Singing”, with one instrumental section throughout, sufficed, Rich argued a second section was needed. “So we talked about that one for a while”, recalled Rich, who ultimately won the argument.

Rich recorded his guitar part with a James Trussart metal-bodied electric, which offered a resonator-like tone. “I knew that guitar was the only one that could go from sounding acoustic in the verses to electric in the chorus in the way that I wanted”, said Rich.
The sessions were recorded on tape and Pro-Tools simultaneously; the band ultimately chose to use the tape version, as they preferred its sound quality. Most songs were recorded live with the band members playing together in one room,[5] and microphones set up to capture the overall sound rather than that of individual instruments. Was felt this approach best approximated the feel of a Black Crowes concert, later noting that the Lions songs debuted at a private show in February 2001 “sounded exactly like the record