British prime minister – Theresa May – has said the country must hold a national investigation following the deadly tower block fire in London earlier this month. At least seventy-nine people lost their lives – and there are question marks over the exterior cladding that was used on the building. [More]
From Album – 2014 – Live Oak FL Wanee Festival CD 2…By STUDIO DELTA Slowdown guitar solos, slow down music in Riffmasterpro softwareAll along the watch tower solo sections slowed down – easy to hear and learn the sections
In the Army Hendrix got into trouble with the law twice for riding in stolen cars. He was given a choice between spending two years in prison or joining the Army. Hendrix chose the latter and enlisted on May 31, 1961. After completing boot camp, he was assigned to the [More]
jimi hendrix all along the watch tower live rare
jimi hendrix’s all along the watchtower.