Luetkemeyer reminds Jamie of the importance of re-electing Roy Blunt for SCOTUS nominations.Country Musician Bryan White joins Jamie Allman to encourage voting on Nov 7.Fox News John Robers and Jamie Allman discuss the upcoming election.
So Duane Bryan was the 5th person to be fired by Lord Sugar in the Apprentice 2012. Holy Moly’s Jamie East spoke to him to get some more info on kung-fu dancing, printing pictures on bottles of vodka and we even got him to take Jamie through a few special [More]
Little Wing – Jimi Hendrix – Harp Guitar_Electric Cover – Jamie Dupuis
Published by (ASCAP license): videos and mp3 free. Jamie N Commons (born 22 October 1988 in Bristol, England) is a British blues rock and folk musician based in New Cross, London. Commons’ baritone vocals, influenced by Gregg Allman, are notable for their authenticity of the blues genre, reflected [More]
Jamie Cullum, le petit génie du Jazz, nous offre ici un grand moment en reprenant The Wind Cries Mary, du légendaire Jimi Hendrix. C’est ça Live@Home ! The young jazz genius Jamie Cullum offers us a unique moment of music as he unexpectedly reinterprates the legendary tune The Wind Cries [More]