Love Light, 2/11/70 ☮ Grateful Dead & Allman Brothers

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An historic evening at the Fillmore East: Jerry Garcia, Duane Allman & Peter Green on lead guitars, Greg Allman (keyboards) sharing lead vocals with Pigpen & Bob Weir…

This is just the first 15 minutes of an incredible 33 minute Love Light, all of which can be listened to here:

Pretty good audience recording can be downloaded here:

You can read about this jam in Phil Lesh’s book:

“It’s a surprisingly coherent free-for-all, with five guitarists , four drummers, organ, and — Pigpen roaring over it all” Berry Oakley takes over on bass about halfway through Lovelight as Phil just wants to listen. “My mind starts to stretch out of shape… Everyone on stage is flat-out wailing” After the show, “I walk outside — it’s daylight, and snow is falling gently on the streets of New York… I grab Bob and Jerry in a group embrace: This is what it’s all about.”

Phil Lesh
“Searching for the Sound”