Harlem Heat(Booker T/Stevie Ray) interview 1996

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One of the most dominant tag team of the 1990’s interviewed in their prime in 1996 the day before the Super Brawl Pay perview. We are a paid affiliate of Eastbay.com, and we’re offering YOU a special discount! Get 10% off any order $50 or more at http://www.eastbay.com/?SID=8059&PID=AFBIGT15&cm_mmc=Affiliates-_-Mevio-_-BigTimeWrestling-_-10%off$50 or get 15%off any order $75 or more at http://www.eastbay.com/?SID=8059&PID=AFBIGT20&cm_mmc=Affiliates-_-Mevio-_-BigTimeWrestling-_-15%off$75 will meet or beat ANY price at time of order!!! All purchases through our portal help support us. Thank you!