Galloping guitars – My rendition of this Spotnicks tune

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This is my rendition of this tune of The Spotnicks, recorded with Zoom Q3-HD audio/video recorder.
Guitar Fender Stratocaster Plus, with 57/62 pickups and d’Addario 10,5-48 strings.
Amp VOX AC30 CC2x (blue alnico).
To approach their sound, I am using VST plugins software effects such as Echo, Reverb, Equalizers, Saturation emulation, Dynamics processors, etc.. These plugins are combined into patches. I have designed one dedicated patch for each tune, so as to be as accurate as possible. Patches are running in real time in a portable PC, within a sofwatre named VSTHost.
Backing track is probably coming from the old album “Devenez Soliste des Spotnicks”
Cheers – Christian