Different Types of Brazilian Rosewood on Innovative Flamenco Guitars / Ruben Diaz A & Q + Tips

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Female Cherry &Male BR http://www.rdiaz.org/rdvideo1347.html
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Ex.1/ 00:14 solo
Ex.2/ 01:52 Answer for the magazine

*Ex.3/ 04:36 Amazon Rosewood
Ex.4/ 03:48 Rio Rosewood
Ex.5/ 07:05 King Wood
Ex.6/ 08:05 Thai Rosewood

Why Cypress Guitar is an Obsolete Concept Today…? http://youtu.be/bHk8bbbx6dk?t=14s

In my opinion 1) Ebony Fret board, 2) Rosewood Bridge, 3) Cedar Necks, 4) Bone-Saddle, are all unimaginative choices born out of traditional dogmas plus scarcity of ideas which luckily now belong to the past.

Besides that ebony is also under extinction, see here:

Ebony Critically Endangered:

There are many factors regarding the process of getting the suitable wood to make guitars. As an example I recently came to know that Ebony is near extinction,
you can read this article from an interesting wood site
which although is not specialized in woods for guitars, nonetheless it does have a lot of general information as well as useful scientific information regarding many types of woods.


Evolution of Flamenco Guitar As an Instrument

The Old Conception of Guitar Setting

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“The Real Thing is How You Play… Not Which Guitar You Play” (Nothing further from the truth) http://youtu.be/Bxrw4QVp378?t=14s

“The Real Thing is How You Play… Not Which Guitar You Play” (Nothing further from the truth) http://youtu.be/Bxrw4QVp378?t=14s

Ideal vs Emergency Choices Regarding Buying Flamenco Guitars

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“Trying Guitars” and other Obsolete Ideas

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