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Sound Engineer – Nick Smith
Audio & Video production by Joe Lynch and Brian Levin


The Clayton Colvin Band is a name of circumstance. Clayton had every intention of coming up with a great band name when the band got started, but at the first rehearsal the drummer showed up and said “hey, are y’all free on Thursday to play with The Drive-by Truckers at Stubbs”? The guys had to come up with a band name on the spot, with a lack of great ideas for band names and an hour of material to learn they decided to just name the band after the songwriter.

Clayton Colvin grew up in Muscle Shoals, Alabama and moved to Austin, TX in 2005 to pursue his music career. In 2006 he co-founded the band Dertybird. Dertybird had great success in Austin and throughout Texas, gaining the opportunity to share the stage with The Black Crowes, Gov’t Mule, Jonathan Tyler and the Northern Lights, Reckless Kelly, Bart Crow Band, and many other Austin staples. In August of 2011 Clayton decided to move on from Dertybird and start a new group. As the main songwriter and only lyricist of Dertybird, Clayton already had an arsenal of songs to present to the band as well as songs that Dertybird never performed.

“I booked a residency at Maria’s in August and tried out different guitar players every week. After the month was over, it just came down to who seemed the most interested and who had done their homework” said Clayton. Enter Chad Pope and Steve Gay. Chad and Steve had never met before the formation of the band, but Clayton liked their guitar skills and he was really interested in creating and Allman Brothers-esk vibe to the new project. “There was some skepticism about having three guitar players in the band. Skepticism from the band and from the fans, but I had a vision for this Lynyrd Skynyrd meets the Allman Brothers vibe and I knew Chad and Steve could make it happen” said Clayton. Chris Trafton, Dertybird’s sixth Drummer, already knew Clayton’s tunes and had formed a great friendship with Clayton. Chris agreed to play drums for the new project. Naj Conklin, Bassist and long time friend of Clayton , agreed to step on as bassist. “Getting together for rehearsal proved to be difficult so we decided to book residencies every month to keep us fresh and help develop the sound” said Clayton.

The band is still in the process of establishing it’s sound but they are off to a great start. In just a few months they’ve already played shows with The Drive-by Truckers and Roger Creagor and the fan base is continually growing. As far as the music, well it speaks for itself it’s hard to make a great song sound bad, when you have the caliber of musicians that are playing in the Clayton Colvin Band. Give it a listen and see for yourself.